MOVEMENT SERIES | 2009 – Present

The dance is ancient, never-ending. A symphony of Movement, always ascending. It tells the story of creation and destruction. A tale woven by the Universe’s construction.

The Movement Series represents the continued exploration by Victor Hugo to express the profound underpinnings of the natural world, physics, the cosmos, and the role the human figure plays in reflecting our reality in a vibrant, kinetic way.

Each painting is an exploration of movement through line, working with a live model to capture sometimes dozens of poses in one singular composition. At times the work is simple, three motions of grace, and at other times frenetic in the ways in which human energy is captured.

As expressed by the art critic Peter Frank in an essay entitled Polydextrous: The Unified Styles of Victor Hugo Zayas, “In Zayas’ hands, material seems to dictate not only technique, but visual language. Metal demands a geometric abstraction of considerable visual dynamism and physical poise. Paper and the substances applied to it invite a supple line combining with an economy of form in the revelation of sensuous figural volume.”