As long as you still experience the stars as something above you, you lack the eye of knowledge.

— Frederick Nietzsche

Since ancient times, it has been said that the firmament of the body relates to and interacts with the stars and heavenly bodies.

It is in this relationship which generates dimensional spaces and time – a duality that rules the mind and gives birth to the human order. Carl Jung reveals to us the heaven-above/heaven-below perspective: the one we visualize with our eyes and the one that flows under our skin, following the continuous rhythm of life. It is the conjunction of both which portrays the miracle of the “one accomplished”.

These sculptures represent the first attempt to establish a connection between the aforementioned realities. Octavio Paz explains to us that art has the obligation of opening up the doors that lead us to the other side of reality.

“The artist is guided by the light of nature, which instills in him instructions that make him act intuitively. However, this intuition is subliminally dominated by the passion that rules his own and mysterious universe.”

– Cynthia Saez